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Nail Polish Filling Machine

Automatic Nail Polish Filling Machine, which is the locomotive of our company; It is a fully automatic machine from filling to brush feeding and capping. The nail polish bottles coming from the bottle feeding unit via the conveyor enter the turntable and come under the first station, the filling section. With this machine, which has a single nozzle, it fills the nail polish bottle at once without any grammatical errors. In the second part of the turntable, the brushes coming from the vibration are placed in the filled nail polish bottles by means of the brush setter. In the next section, brushing is applied in order to fully seat the installed brushes in their places. Filling nail polish bottles with the brush inserted and driven are applied in the next unit with the cap placement process. The caps from the capping vibration are placed on top of the nail polish bottles by means of the capper. In the next stage, the process of tightening the caps attached to the nail polish bottles continues. Nail polish bottles, whose caps are closed, exit the turntable, optionally enter the labeling process and complete their journey in the nail polish filling machine. The nail polish filling machine is fully automatic. It can perform the entire filling, capping process without any assistance. It is completely made of stainless materials.


Machine Features

7inch Touch Screen
PVC Plastic
PFTE Teflon
480 kg
0.37kw Engine
1400 rpm
40/15 i Gearbox
75kw Pump 25m^3
Mona Makine Patented Filling Nozzle
220V Bowl Vibrator
220V Linear Vibrator
0.4kw 1.Shutdown Servo Motor
0.4kw 2.Shutdown Servo Motor
INOX Stainless
40 Filling Capacity per Minute