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Automatic Liquid Soap Filling Machine

Machine Description

In this article, we will talk about the fully automatic liquid soap filling machine in liquid soap filling machines, which can be preferred as manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic according to the production capacity. Unlike the manual machine, it is a machine that performs the filling process automatically without the need for personnel. This machine can fill liquid soap as well as cologne, disinfectant, shampoo, etc. It is a machine that can fill many liquid and semi-liquid products. In this way, you can automatically fill many products you produce from a single machine. The ideal filling range in these filling machines, which we produce with 4 and 8 nozzles, is between 100ml and 1000ml. It can make an average of 20-40 fillings per minute. (the number of fillings may vary depending on the weight of the product filled and the product structure) Inox stainless is used. We use a delta screen as a 7” touch screen, and we can optionally produce different brands of touch screen panels depending on the customer's request. (Extra fee may apply for different brands of touch screens) It is offered for sale with a product tank mounted on the chassis and a 3 meter conveyor. While the plastic liquid soap bottles lined up on the conveyor come under the filling nozzles with the direction of the cutter mechanism, the sensor counts the first four product bottles and the cutter mechanism closes itself. The filling nozzles fill from the bottom for foaming products. Therefore, bottom filling is done for liquid soap filling. Nozzles draw the product from the product tank mounted on the chassis. The nozzles fill the amount of liquid soap entered on the touch screen into the plastic bottle and pull the nozzles up. When the filling process is complete, the cutter mechanism opens and four bottles go forward. While the filled bottles are coming, the other four empty bottles are counted again by the sensor and come under the nozzles and the cutting mechanism is closed again. This cycle continues in this way.


Machine Features

Inox Stainless

Height adjustable feet

PTFE teflon

There is a delta screen touch panel on the machine.

It can fill 20-40 product bottles per minute. (This number may vary depending on product weight and product structure)

Cleaning and maintenance can be done very easily.

Removable chassis covers

Product tank mounted on the machine body

3 meter conveyor


Usage areas

With this machine, you can automatically fill in your medium and large scale production facility. Food, medicine, cosmetics, chemistry, etc. It is a machine suitable for use in sectors. With this machine, shampoo, liquid soap, conditioner, detergent etc. You can refill the products.