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Automatic Lipgloss Filling Machine

Machine Description

With the automatic lipgloss filling machine, you can fill three different products in the same machine. These products; mascara, lipgloss and foundation. It facilitates product passage with its three types of nozzles and three types of pressure vessels on it. With the automatic lipgloss filling machine, you can quickly fill your products between 4-20 ml. (This weight setting can be changed upon request.) When the lipgloss, foundation and mascara packages lined up on the turntable come under the nozzle, the nozzle descends to the bottom of the package and completes the filling process. While the filled product packages are on the same tray, the lids are stacked on it by hand and proceed towards the lid closing section. (The capping section on the product packaging can be made with an automatic sorter upon request) The product bottles, whose caps are closed, come to the collection section as the final stage and complete the process. Automatic lipgloss filling machine will provide convenience in your filling process with its ideal weight and production capacity.


Machine Features

Machine Dimensions: 1000x1000x900mm

Machine Weight: 250kg

0.18 rpm

40/40 i Gearbox

PVC Plastic

PFTE Teflon

Inox Stainless

7inch Touch Screen

25 Filling Capacity per Minute


Usage areas

With automatic lipgloss filling machine, lipgloss, mascara, foundation etc. You can fill the products. It is one of the most ideal machines for the color cosmetics industry.