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8 Nozzles Shampoo Filling Machine

Machine Description

8 Nozzles Shampoo Filling Machine; empty bottles, which are arranged by hand on the machine conveyor, pass in front of the sensor, respectively, and start automatic filling when 8 bottles enter under the nozzle. While filling 8 bottles, the conveyor progress does not stop and the progress of the bottles is prevented with the help of cutters. After the filling is finished, the cutters are opened and 8 filled bottles go to the closing section on the same conveyor, while the other 8 empty bottles pass in front of the sensor and come under the filling nozzles. This cycle is constantly repeated in this way. Filled bottles enter the tray respectively, come under the capping section, and cover the caps one by one. Bottles whose capping process is completed leave the turntable and go to the label section if labeling will be done on the same conveyor. The ideal filling weight filling range in this machine is between 100ml and 1000ml. The conveyor length of this machine, which is controlled by a 7" touch screen, is 3 meters. It has a total conveyor length of 6 meters in the filling and capping section.


Machine Features

8 Nozzles Shampoo Filling Machine; there are 8 filling nozzles on the machine.

PVC Plastic

PFTE Teflon

INOX Stainless

7" touch control panel (Delta & Siemens)

PLC (Delta & Siemens)

100-1000ml filling weight range

3 meter filling section conveyor

3 meter closing section conveyor


Usage areas

8 Nozzles Shampoo Filling Machine; With this machine, you can fill all liquid and semi-liquid products. It is suitable for use in all sectors such as chemistry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food. Shampoo, jelly, conditioner, liquid soap, liquid detergent etc. It can be used to fill all liquid and semi-liquid products.