Product Code :

4 Nozzles Wax Filling Machine

Machine Description

This machine, which is the longest line of the Mona machine, performs shock cooling with its 9-meter tunnel after hot filling and transfers the product to the foiling and sealing machine without waiting for hours to cool. After automatic box feeding, it makes hot filling with 4 MONA MAKINE patented nozzles. Cleaning after the filling process is facilitated by the hot surfaces. It then enters a 9-meter, 9-lane tunnel. Here, with shock cooling, it makes your product ready for foiling and sealing. It is optionally transferred to a single or double foiling and sealing machine at the exit of the Cooling Tunnel. In this machine, the lid feeding process takes place automatically after the hot foil process. Your product is ready for labeling.


Machine Features

There are 4 filling nozzles on the machine.

It can fill 25-30 pieces per minute.

1.5kw and 0.75kw servo motor

600watt resistor

PLC control board

7" touch screen

modular conveyor belt

Heat resistant viton orinks

PVC Plastic

Specially processed teflon felt

INOX Stainless


Usage areas

With this machine, you can fill cream and wax products. It is a suitable machine for use in the chemical, pharmaceutical and cleaning industries.